Delivery, Unloading, and Placement of Stone


Luhr Bros., Inc. operates a fleet of 27 towboats ranging from 460 H.P. to 7200 H.P.

Four of the towboats have greater than 6800 H.P. and are capable of delivering 30 barges of stone per trip to New Orleans with each tow having approximately 40,000 to 45,000 tons.

Six of the towboats have 3,000-4,200 H.P. and are capable of delivering 12 and 16 barge tows.

Luhr Bros., Inc. has 238 flat deck and hopper barges in use with the capability of transporting 1,300-1,600 tons of stone per barge, depending on the type of material.

Stone Placement Machinery
Luhr Bros., Inc. has the following equipment capable of direct stone placement, loading trucks, or stockpiling stone on riverbanks:
          - Liebherr 994 Excavators
          - Cat 385 Excavators
          - Cat 375 Excavators
          - Manitowac 4100 Cranes
          - Manitowac 4000 Crane
          - Manitowac 4600 Draglines
          - Bucyrus Erie 88B Draglines
          - Bucyrus Erie 71B Draglines

Land Based Contracts

Luhr Bros., Inc. has Caterpillar Dozers, D400 End Dumps, Scrapers, and Hydraulic Excavators and support equipment to fulfill any land based contract requirements.

Notice to Proceed Capabilities

Luhr Bros., Inc. has the capability to respond quickly and effectively when a Notice to Proceed is issued. With commercial stone facilities in Louisiana and ongoing Corps of Engineers projects, we are continually towing stone products to Louisiana and Texas.

When Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans area, we were able to mobilize immediately to construct rock dike closures at the breaches on the East Bank of the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal.

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